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OCCULT HARDWARE are a multimedia hybrid DJ/production project that defy classification and defile genre. Combusting the alchemical elements of the internet to produce Bass Metal, their sound is a volatile mix of screaming heavy guitar, relentless bass and nightmare euphoria.

Salvaging the sacred and the profane from popular culture and re-splicing it to fit their esoteric personal mythos the Occult Hardware experience is an audio visual attack like no other.


K-tron [vocalist] is our totem animal, to describe her potty-mouthed massive-brained punk rock vibe we would have to go as far as to drop the word "fierce" in there. Oops, we just did.

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The reason why Magick is spelt with a K

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OCCULT HARDWARE is the brand new act from the girl/boy production team behind the numerous incarnations of cult underground act K-tron.Their confrontational, experimental projects have been featured in US/Japanese/Swedish Vogue, The Sunday Times, Nylon Japan, The Observer Music Monthly, Grazia, BBC Television, Time-Out London, Pop Magazine, i-D and many more respected titles. Playing across the globe the duo have rocked Glastonbury twice and played alongside iconic acts such as the Libertines, Clor, CRIM3S, Midnight Juggernauts, the Noisettes, Test Icicles, Ulterior, Siobhan Fahey, Zebra Katz plus many more.